If you have been injured at work your employer may ask you to visit a specific health practitioner but you have the right to choose your treating doctor, health practitioner or physiotherapist, as long as that person is an Authorised Work Cover Provider.

Authorised Workcover Provider

You DO NOT need a Doctor’s referral to see a practitioner at Wellcare Medical Centre.

Wellcare Services are claimable under Workcover

What you need to do?

If you need medical treatment or time off work because of an injury or illness sustained at your workplace, you need to fill in a WorkCover Claim Form and notify your employer of any injury or illness within 30 days of you becoming aware of it.

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Helping you get back to work sooner

Research shows that the sooner rehabilitation process start after injury, the sooner you will return to work and the more lasting your recovery is likely to be.You are required by law to make every reasonable effort to return to work
You are obliged to participate in:

  • Your return to work plan
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Assessments of your work capacity and progress

Wellcare Medical Centre can assist with these requirements.

Following services are available at wellcare Medical Centre :

  • Assessing and treating your injury,
  • Discussing suitable work options with your employer so you can stay at work performing modified duties to suit your injury, so that you can return to full duties as soon as possible.
  • Wellcare Medical Centre can be involved in conciliation process If certain treatments or recommendations are disputed or rejected

No out of pocket expenses

Work Cover has a maximum fee structure for medical and similar services and Wellcarere Medical centre does not charge any extra fees.