Why You Need to Give Yourself Skin Cancer Self-Examinations

Skin cancer is on the rise all around the world; in fact, a recent study by an American non-profit showed that cases of melanoma have risen over 800 percent in women ages 18 to 39, while rates for men are at 400 percent. To help combat the rising tides of melanoma, it’s more important than ever for people to examine their skin for signs of skin cancer.

How to Perform a Skin Examination

Early detection is key, especially in Australia, where 30 people are diagnosed with melanoma each day. When caught early, melanoma and other forms of skin cancer can be treated as quickly as possible, leading to higher survival rates.

To perform a skin examination, perform the following steps on a month-to-month basis:

• Examine your nude body from head to toe in front of a mirror; note where you see any moles and skin lesions

• Bend elbows to examine their creases

• Look at the backs of your legs and soles of your feet, as well as in between your toes

• Using a hand mirror, examine the back of your neck and your scalp.

• Finish the exam by using the hand mirror to check your back and buttocks

You may want to take pictures of any moles or skin lesions that look new or have changed shape. Compare these notes during your next self-exam to see if the moles changed shape or color. If you see anything that looks concerning or different, contact Wellcare Medical Centre for a skin cancer check-up right away.

Wellcare Medical Centre: Fighting Back Against Skin Cancer

At Wellcare Medical Centre in Kingston, we specialize in skin cancer and melanoma detection. We use state-of-the-art technology to help diagnose and catch melanoma at its earliest stages. This equipment can be crucial to detecting skin cancer as early as possible, making treatment much more likely to be successful. Our skin cancer management services include:

• Comprehensive head-to-toe skin examination
• Record of all skin lesions
• Sequential monitoring of moles over time
• Surgical excision of skin cancer

Wellcare Medical Centre even provides corporate skin check events for employees.

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