Skin Cancer and Your Occupation: Understand Your Risks

If you have a job that requires you to work outside, there’s no denying it comes with tons of benefits. Whilst your friends and family members are stuck at office cubicles, you’re soaking up the sunshine. When colleagues comment on how they feel like they never see the sun during the winter, you just smile to yourself, knowing that you’ll never feel like you’re chained to a desk, staring at the clock.

Whilst working outside can have its benefits, there are also some downsides you need to stay on top of. If your work involves a decent amount of sun exposure, you’ll need to be vigilant about reducing your risks for skin cancer.

How to Protect Yourself

If you spend more than twenty minutes outside, you’re putting yourself at risk for skin cancer. Use the following steps to stay protected, no matter where your occupation may take you:

• Understand Your Genetic Risk: Some individuals have greater risk for skin cancer than others. Look back at your family history to see what your risk might be. If you’ve had family members who’ve suffered from skin cancer, you must be vigilant about protecting yourself.

• Sunscreen Is Your Friend: Always be generous when applying sunscreen to every area that’s exposed to the sun. You should even apply sunscreen underneath your clothing, as the sun’s UV rays can penetrate thin cloth.

• Minimize Exposure to Chemicals: Certain chemicals can increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Be sure to understand your occupational risks by researching the chemicals you work with, and how they contribute to skin cancer risks.

If your occupation comes with skin cancer risks, stay vigilant about your health at Wellcare Medical Centre in Kingston. We specialize in early skin cancer and melanoma detection, making treatment much more likely to be successful. Our skin cancer management services include:

• Comprehensive head-to-toe skin examination
• Record of all skin lesions
• Sequential monitoring of moles over time
• Surgical excision of skin cancer

Wellcare Medical Centre even provides corporate skin check events for employees, making it easier for you to stay on top of your skin cancer risks.

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