Must-Read: The Rise of Melanoma in Young People

By now, most people know the importance of applying sunscreen, staying out of tanning booths, and taking care of one’s skin.  But despite increasing pushes for  awareness from skincare experts and government initiatives alike, the skin cancer melanoma is still on the rise – and it’s an epidemic within the younger generations.

In an alarming study published by the Skin Cancer Foundation, an American non-profit, cases of melanoma have risen over 800 percent in the last 40 years among women aged 18 to 39; rates for men are still frightening, at 400 percent.  These startling statistics bely decades of skin cancer awareness efforts, meaning younger generations are still ignoring sunscreen or getting a “natural tan” by visiting tanning salons.

Melanoma is no joke, especially in Australia.  According to the Melanoma Institute of Australia, the country has the highest incidents of melanoma in the world, with 30 individuals diagnosed with this skin cancer every day.  It leaves public health experts with a burning question:

Why are young people continuing to put themselves at risk?

The answer can be obvious, if not frustrating: younger generations may be more likely to consider themselves invincible, especially when it comes to cancer risks.  Someone who’s 18 may not be concerned with skin cancer, as they may think they’re far too young to have to worry about these health risks.  However, more young people are discovering that melanoma doesn’t discriminate, which is why it’s important to take care of your skin no matter what your age might be.

At Wellcare Medical Centre in Kingston, we specialize in skin cancer and melanoma detection.  We use state-of-the-art technology to help diagnose and catch melanoma at its earliest stages, making treatment much more likely to be successful.  Our skin cancer management services include:

  • Comprehensive head-to-toe skin examination
  • Record of all skin lesions
  • Sequential monitoring of moles over time
  • Surgical excision of skin cancer

Wellcare Medical Centre even provides corporate skin check events for employees.

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