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Our Most Effective Anti-Ageing Treatment

Vampire facials, snake venom cream, pure gold masks – anti-ageing treatments are getting more outlandish every year. So what do our doctors deem the most effective anti-ageing treatment? Staying out of the sun. It’s easy, safe, affordable and incredibly effective. Keep reading to find out why.


What Sun Exposure Does to Your Skin

A study by the World Health Organisation found that 80% of visible ageing signs were due to UV damage from the sun. Only 20% of ageing signs were due to other factors like poor diet, smoking, stress and illness. Sun damage causes a variety of unwanted effects like pigmentation, wrinkles and the reduction of skin elasticity – all of which make us look significantly older.

The same researchers at the World Health Organisation proved their point by comparing a pair of twins in their sixties. One of the women had been exposed to roughly 10 hours more sunlight per week than the other throughout adulthood. When research participants were asked to guess the age of the two women, the results were shocking. The woman who had been exposed to more sunlight appeared 11 years older than her twin sister.


How to Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage

Aside from staying out of the sun completely, there are a number of measures you can implement to reduce the level of sun damage to your skin. Firstly, we recommend investing in a high quality facial cream or moisturiser that has SPF50+ protection. Aside from that, hats and protective clothing are equally as effective.

While some people only consider wearing sun protection on days spent at the beach or the park, even a short walk to work requires sunscreen. The cumulative effects of 10 minutes in the sun every day will make a big difference to your skin.


Anti-Ageing Treatment to Reverse Sun Damage

If the damage to your skin has already been done, and preventative measures alone aren’t enough, Wellcare Medical Centre offers a number of anti-ageing treatments. For wrinkles, our dermal filler injections work to stimulate collagen beneath the skin. This excess collagen leaves skin looking plump and rejuvenated.

To reduce the appearance of pigmentation and sun spots, chemical peels are extremely effective. Chemical peels remove surface skin cells and force the skin to regenerate, thus targeting surface marks from the sun. This type of forced skin regeneration can also be achieved by way of skin needling treatments. Skin needling involves running a roller of minuscule needles across the skin to force it to heal as refreshed, younger-looking skin.


Book in for a Treatment

While anti-ageing treatments like dermal fillers, chemical peels and skin needling sound daunting, they are extremely effective. If you’d like to book in for a consultation to discuss your options, our doctors have years of experience administering anti-ageing treatments. Book a cosmetic appointment now.

We also recommend our patients book in for regular skin checks to ensure the effects of sun damage are not life threatening. For peace of mind, book in for a full-body skin check at Wellcare Medical Centre.