Iron Infusion

Iron infusion :

We run an Iron infusion clinic in Logan. Our doctors and staff are very experienced in Iron infusion and we do Iron infusion on a daily basis in our Clinic in Kingston.

We are one of the most well equipped Iron infusion clinic in Brisbane south.

Iron infusion need to be done in a medical facility and experienced staff are required.

What is an Iron Infusion?

An iron infusion is a procedure in which iron is delivered into your body through drips by inserting a cannula in your vein.

Iron deficiency need to be investigated by your GP and Iron infusion must be prescribed by your doctor.

Iron deficiency is usually treated with dietary changes and iron supplements but in some cases your doctor may prescribe iron infusion.

How to prepare for an iron infusion?

  • You need an script for Ferinject 500 or 1000 from your GP.
  • Please ensure your iron deficiency is properly investigated by your GP.
  • You need an initial consult with our doctor to review your medical condition before infusion. Your infusion may or may not happen on the same visit.
  • You need to spend at least 45 min in the clinic and post infusion monitoring is mandatory.
  • Iron infusion is privately billed but there is a rebate from Medicare- Fee outlined below.

What is the cost?

Total cost: $241.50 Rebate from Medicare : $111.50 Net out of pocket cost : $130