Menopausal Hormone Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Menopause is a condition in women that marks the end of their period cycle. It occurs when women stop ovulating. During menopause, women’s ovaries (mature eggs) no longer produce female sex hormones called estrogen.

Menopause typically refers to “the end of the menstrual cycle.” It is one of the natural events when women are in the last stage of their reproductive years. Estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone are the three key hormones that play an important role in menopause. When the levels of estrogen hormone change, they may cause a lot of menopausal symptoms in women.

Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT), commonly called Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), is one of the treatments used to reverse the symptoms associated with estrogen lack. HRT medically replaced estrogen to help women manage menopausal symptoms. Many gynecologist refer this HRT as alternative to artificial steroids that are used to stop ovulation.

How Does HRT Benefit You?

HRT precisely relieves many menopausal symptoms that include sweats, irritability, vaginal dryness, hot flushes, joint aches, and mood swings.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Types of HRT

  • Estrogen Therapy

As mentioned earlier, estrogen is one of the main hormones that are suppressed during menopause. Women, particularly who have undergone uterus removal surgery (hysterectomy), are prescribed estrogen therapy (1).

However, for women with a uterus, estrogen therapy alone is not beneficial. It may overstimulate the uterus’s cell lining. The condition is linked to increasing the risk of uterus cancer in women. Progesterone is included in the therapy to eliminate the risks associated with overstimulation.

  • Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy is for women who experience fatigue, weakness, and loss of libido after estrogen therapy. The therapy is very helpful in restoring the testosterone levels in women.

  • Menopausal Status

Medical professionals prescribe sequential therapy that includes cyclical progesterone and regular estrogen doses to the women in the premenopausal phase.

Postmenopausal women, on the other hand, undergo a combined therapy that uses daily progesterone and regular estrogen doses.

How Does HRT Work?


HRT is an effective treatment to balance the low level of estrogen in women that may cause several symptoms. HRT replaces estrogens for a certain period. As a result, the treatment helps women avert or control the symptoms.

 Does Age Affect HRT

Age can be a vital factor when it comes to prescribing women HRT as it might have risks that outweigh its potential benefits. For example;

  • Women aged 45 between 50 years are good participants of HRT as there is less than minimal risk.
  • Women aged between 50 to 60 years can also benefit from the HRT due to low risk.
  • Women aged 60 years are offered individualised treatment as the therapy may have risks.
  • Women aged 70 years are not recommended HRT as it may involve high risk

Does HRT have any Therapeutic Alternative?

Tibolone – an oral synthetic steroid is a remedial alternative to HRT. The synthetic medication contains progestogen, androgenic, and estrogenic qualities.

Besides this, testosterone supplementation is another therapeutic alternative that menopausal women with low sex drive can use. However, it is not effective enough when used alone.

Women with thinning of bladder and vaginal wall are prescribed vaginal estrogen with ongoing HRT. However, you need to seek medical consultation before opting for this remedial alternative

Final Thoughts

Overall, HRT is an effective treatment for women suffering from various menopausal symptoms. Wellcare Medical Centre Kingston, you get quality treatment for all health-related issues for women. We have an experienced and trained team of Gynaecology trained female GP, dieticians, and nursing staff to help you deal with HRT and other menopause problems. They will guide you in the best way after assessing your medical history, and other factors like age and overall health.

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