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We have a well-structured system for care of Diabetic patient using a reminder system to ensure all aspect of your care is addressed in a timely manner.
Our Diabetic Clinic near Logan Central give an easy access to anyone who lives nearby.
For people who lives in nearby suburbs and looking for Diabetic care Clinic in Marsden or Woodridge we are only 5 min away.
Wellcare medical center is a convenient location for people who are looking for a Diabetic Care center near Loganlea or Bethania.
We are a growing clinic offering wide range of services all in one place.

Our Diabetic Clinic in Kingston offers comprehensive care to Diabetic patient through our multi-disciplinary team of GPs and allied health professionals.
It’s an advantage to see a bulk billing Diabetic educator in Logan and ideally practicing the same place as your GP which enable them to access all your clinical record to provide you with the best clinical care possible.

Our Diabetic care team comprised of following professionals:

  1. Experienced General practitioners with many years of experience in Diabetic care.
  2. An experienced Diabetic Educator with many years of experience.
  3. An experienced Dietician with special interest and expertise managing Diabetic patients.
  4. Experienced RN with experience with Diabetic management.
  5. A clinical pharmacist with hospital experience for home medication review and extensive education about your medication and drug interaction.
  6. Experienced exercise physiologist to motivate the patient for certain level of physical activities.

Following is involved in care of new diabetes patient:

  • Comprehensive health review setting up all preventive measures such as your regular blood tests , routine eye examination , foot care and kidney check.
  • A visit by our Diabetic educator under your GP management plan to review your diabetes management in depth.
  • A visit by our clinical pharmacist at your home to review all your medication including over the counter and complementary medication taking in consideration your kidney and liver function and other test results to formulate simpler and most effective regime for your diabetes management.
  • Structured clinical care using reminders and recall system to ensure all your clinical need such as your routine blood tests, all preventive measures is done in a timely manner. A well-structured system and a team of specialized practitioners needed to achieve the best outcome in diabetic patients. In our diabetic clinic in Logan we have an experienced team of General Practitioners, RNs, Diabetic Educator and Dietitian to deliver a high quality care to our patients. Our recall and reminder system will keep you reminded about all important element of your care such as your routine blood tests , eye check , foot care , kidney check and all other preventive measures such as your vaccinations etc.

Please call us on (07) 3133 4483 for any query regarding our Diabetic clinic.