Does Male Menopause Exist? The Answer May Surprise You!

When you think of the word “menopause,” what image instantly comes to mind? If you pictured a woman in her 40s or 50s, it may be time for an update. More research is suggesting that men go through their own version of menopause, with a host of symptoms that can make it difficult for them to go through their daily activities.

What Happens During Male Menopause?

While the medical community is still determining if there’s a definitive form of male menopause, there’s no denying that men experience a barrage of symptoms once their testosterone levels start dropping in their golden years. When testosterone levels begin to fall, men often experience the following symptoms:

• Fatigue
• Loss of sexual appetite
• Depression
• Weakness
• Loss of muscle definition
• Erectile dysfunction
• And more

Male menopause usually occurs in men starting in their 40s and 50s; these symptoms are much more noticeable after the age of 70. In order to counteract this testosterone deficiency, it’s recommended that older men undergo testosterone hormone therapy, which can replace sagging hormone levels with bioidentical hormones.

Once ingested via pill or injection, these hormones replicate testosterone and help invigorate sluggish testosterone production. With carefully monitored testosterone therapy, men can experience the following improvements:

• Improved sexual function
• Increased sexual appetite
• Stronger muscles
• Loss of fat
• Improved mental function
• Improved moods
• And more!

If you’re interested in testosterone therapy or want to know more about it, book a consultation at Wellcare Medical Centre in Kingston. We specialise in hormone therapy for both men and women to improve their quality of life. Our hormone therapy management services include:

• Comprehensive consultation
• Tailored testosterone therapy
• Monitoring of results

With Wellcare Medical Centre by your side, you’ll not only feel better; you’ll make the most of your golden years.

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