Dr Mohsen Amoli

Dr Mohsen Amoli

MD,FRACGP,PGDip Dermatology(UK), Cert Advance skin surgery(UQ), Cert Aesthetic Medicine

Dr Mohsen is a Fellow of Royal Australian College of General Practitioner with 20 years of experience.

He has over 10 years’ experience in the field of Dermatology and skin surgery. His work is focussed on Vasectomy procedure and Skin cancer surgery and Cosmetic Injections. ... Dr Amoli had multiple local and international training in the field of Vasectomy and Cosmetic Dermatology. He perform skin surgery and Vasectomy on a daily basis.

He has extensive training and years of experience in the following fields:
1- Vasectomy
2- Advance skin surgery
3- Cosmetic Dermatology

Summary of Qualifications:
Postgraduate Diploma of Dermatology- Cardiff University (UK)
Certificate of Advance Skin Surgery (UQ)
Certificate of Skin cancer management (RACGP, ACD)

Dr Dariush Adybeik

Dr Dariush Adybeik

MD, FRACGP, PGDip Dermatology(UK), Fellowship Skin cancer (FSCCA)

After achieving RACGP fellowship (FRACGP) and a postgraduate diploma in dermatology from Cardiff University, Darius was trained in advanced skin cancer reconstructive procedures at a private plastic surgery centre at the Gold Coast, QLD for 3 years.
He furthered his experience at a dermatology practice in Maitland, NSW for one year and also completed a Visiting Professional Program in Dermatologic Surgery at the prestigious St John’s Institute of Dermatology in London, United Kingdom. He also completed the fellowship training program with Skin Cancer College of Australasia (SCCA).

Darius has a special interest in facial skin surgery and performs complex skin cancer surgeries including flap reconstruction as well as split and full thickness grafts if required. Darius is a GPTQ supervisor for RACGP and mentor and examiner for SCCA.

Darius visits WellCare Medical Centre on a monthly basis.”

Dr Mahjabin Marashi

Dr Mahjabin Marashi


Dr Mahjabin Marashi is an experienced medical practitioner with over 11 years experience.Her special interest is Obstetric and Gynecology.

Dr Mahjabin has worked as General practitioner and completed special training in Obstetric and Gynecology in a reputable university in Iran. She has vast experience in primary care and Gynecology.

In terms of clinical work she enjoys all aspect of General Practice with particular interest in providing following services:
... Woman’s health – Including all Gynecological issues, PAP Smear including difficult smear due patient’s anatomy or previous surgery, Pregnancy care, choice of contraception, Implanon (Bar) Insertion, Infertility.

She is very passionate about care of elderly population with special interest in post-menopausal woman. One of Dr Mahjabin’s special interest is helping patient with multiple medication .She strongly support the idea that medications need to be used cautiously with diligent assessment of risk and benefits. She engages an experienced team of allied health professionals and clinical pharmacist to assess the patient’s lifestyle and all the medications to give her patient’s simpler regime while achieving the best target.

She strongly believes in holistic approach in healthcare and provides comprehensive care to her patients. Her kind personality and great teamwork made Dr Mahjabin one of our most popular doctors in the clinic in a very short period of time.

Dr Mahjabin gives flexibility to her working patient to see her late afternoon (last appointment 6:30 pm) 3 days a week.

Dr Nima Nesari


Dr Nima has been practicing as General Practitioner for more than a decade.
He graduated from a government based medical school in Iran in 2008 and worked in diverse clinical setting including GP and emergency department before moving to Australia in 2018.

... Dr Nima is very passionate about his work, a great listener and has genuine concern about his patient care and wellbeing. His kind and gentle personality made him one of our most popular doctors in the clinic.

In terms of clinical work he enjoys all aspect of General Practice with special interest in older patients’ care, chronic disease management and mental health screen. He loves to paly with complex medical issues and investigate every single abnormality with sensitivity .He achieves these by using advanced electronic recall and reminder system and engaging an experienced team of allied health professionals which are available in the clinic.

In his free time Dr Nima enjoys nature and spending time with his wife looking after his young daughter who just born after their arrival in Australia.