Lip Fillers

Lip Filler Treatment Logan

Lip Fillers

Temporary lip enhancement with fillers is the ideal way to enhance the lips and beautify the face, with very little downtime. Fillers improve lip contours and definition, and also add volume.  When applied in and around the lips, fillers create perfectly balanced, voluptuous lips.

How Fillers enhance your lips

The lips change as we get older. They become thinner, and because they are regularly in motion, vertical lines appear around them. Fillers can replenish the volume and also fill in vertical lines or soften smoker’s lines.

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What does the procedure involve?

Anesthetic cream is applied prior to the start of the procedure to ease any discomfort.  The filler is injected into the lips using a tiny needle.

What to expect

There may be some mild redness, as well as bruising and swelling after the injection, but these symptoms should clear within 2 days. Recovery is fast and generally pain-free, but it is advisable to avoid alcohol and exercise during this time.

Are you a good candidate?

If your lips are thin or uneven, and you’d like to add definition and volume, fillers can reshape them, and give you the plump pout you desire.

Important facts

  • Lip fillers can last 3-6 months, but the exact length of time depends on the individual, and the type of filler chosen.
  • Lip filling must be done very precisely so as to achieve the right definition and volume, and create a balance between the top and bottom lips.
  • The use of local anesthetic creams and injections makes lip filling an overall comfortable procedure, with virtually no pain.

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