Brow Lift

Brow Lift Treatment Kingston

Brow Lift

A Brow Lift, or Forehead Lift, can correct several signs of facial aging. It softens creases and deep lines across the forehead, as well as frown lines between the eyebrows.

As the forehead ages the eyebrows descend, resulting in a tired or sometimes angry appearance. A brow lift elevates and repositions low, droopy brows to create a more alert, youthful look. Rejuvenating the brows makes the eyes more open, and also improves the appearance of the upper eyelids.

The Procedure

Our brow lift is non-surgical, using only anti-wrinkle injectables. The procedure is quick and relatively painless and involves small injections in the forehead. This relaxes the muscles and smooths the skin, giving it a more tightened or “lifted” appearance.

A brow lift without surgery has no downtime, no incisions, and no complications, and it’s a much quicker procedure than a traditional brow lift surgery.

Non-Surgical Brow Lift Treatment Logan


Patients can expect the same recovery time as any procedure with anti-wrinkle injectables. There may be slight redness and swelling around the injection site for a few hours. Results can be seen in about a week.

Here at Wellcare Medical, our non-surgical browlift is performed by Dr. Amoli Mohsen, an experienced Doctor who has years of experience in anti-aging treatments.

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