Corporate Skin Checks

Corporate Skin Checks

*No referral needed from GP

Studies show that, on average, 2 out of 3 Australians will develop skin cancer. Fortunately if detected early enough skin cancer can be one of the most treatable cancers.

Our focus here at Wellcare Medical Centre is to provide companies/businesses/organisations with the highest level of pro-active health care for their employees.

If you are located in south Brisbane or within the city, Wellcare Medical Centre can visit your workplace to provide convenient, state-of-the-art skin cancer screenings for your employees.

Corporate Skin Checks South Brisbane

Working closely with clients in the corporate, mining, government and construction trade industries, Wellcare Medical Centre know exactly what is required to deliver competent and accurate skin cancer screenings with minimal disruption to your business activity.

Wellcare Onsite Skin Cancer Screenings aid to:
  • Reduce your company’s risk of liability related to workplace skin cancers
  • Provide an important way to improve or support a high standard of OHS practices
  • Minimise employee downtime through efficient on-site services
  • Educate all staff on the best methods of sun protection whilst at work
  • Add value to your business with a Sun Protection Policy and risk assessment report