Comprehensive pregnancy care

Services in our pregnancy care clinic are delivered by highly experienced Gynaecology trained female GP. We use modern facilities and advanced technology in our pregnancy care clinic.

Our GPs been involved in pregnancy care for many years and had formal training and relevant work experience in the field. They are well aware of all aspects of pregnancy and very vigilant in early detection of pregnancy related complications.

Our female doctors in Logan are well connected to local public hospitals who can arrange pregnancy shared care for you in a suitable time. Many services can be provided in our clinic with special arrangement with specialist in public hospital.

Our pregnancy care clinic aim to provide care in the community considering all your need in a modern and culturally appropriate way. Our doctors see people with diverse cultural background and are well aware of your cultural needs.

We use the most updated guidelines used in Queensland government hospital for your pregnancy care.

Services provided in our pregnancy care clinic:

  • Pre pregnancy planning – review by our doctors and comprehensive assessment and planning before you fall pregnant.
  • Screening for high risk pregnancy such as twin pregnancy and people with pre-existing medical condition
  • Routine clinical visit during pregnancy
  • Screening for genetic disease. eg,. Down Syndrome
  • Opportunity to have the same day and emergency appointment if you can any concerns or questions.
  • Computerized reminder system for your routine blood tests and Dating and morphology ultrasound.
  • Vaccination including the vaccination before and during pregnancy.
  • Appointment with our registered nurse to give you further advice about your wellbeing and nutrition and exercise during pregnancy.
  • Regular mental health screening for early detection of depression and other mental health issues related to pregnancy.